Few Words About Us

Water Drop

Lakeland Chemical provides a multitude of solutions to fit your needs
We provide solutions for

• Cooling Towers
• Steam Boilers
• Closed Loops
• Portable Water Systems

We carry the best the industry has to offer, as well as produce several of our own specialty chemicals.

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What We Do and Who We Are

An Overview

Lakeland Chemical Specialties, Inc. was founded in 1991 and is a member of the Association of Water Technologies, specializing in water treatment chemicals and services for cooling towers, steam boilers, closed loops and potable water systems. Since then, Lakeland Chemical Specialties has grown by providing customers with the most advanced chemical treatments, customized feed systems and the expert services required to maintain every type of heating, cooling, or closed loop system with the understanding that customer service is the most important aspect of our business. Today, Lakeland Chemical Specialties is a respected leader in the water treatment industry for our unmatched, consistent, expert service.

Our customers come first in every aspect of water treatment. From influent to effluent, site survey to regular service, our representatives care about your systems. Our water treatment professionals are Certified Water Technologists (CWTs) as acknowledged by the Assoc. of Water Technologies (AWT.org) and have many years of experience in the water treatment industry and attend training seminars and classes to keep up to date with the latest equipment, services and chemicals. Problem solving is one of our best attributes and we pride ourselves on being able to solve any water management problem quickly and effectively. Problems including scaling, sludge, corrosion, biological growth and fouling, equipment failure and many others can be solved by our representatives using our water analysis, biological and metallurgical labs.

Operator safety and regulation compliance are priorities in today's industry. We will work hard to ensure that all of our customers meet and exceed all state and federal regulations for chemical labeling, safety, and operations. The standards and recommendations set by CTI (Cooling Tower Institute), AWT (Association of Water Technologies), ASHRAE and ASME to ensure the safety and protection of all capital equipment at your company. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most cost effective, environmentally safe water treatment programs that minimize overall operating costs and optimize safety.

Many water treatment companies sell chemicals, let us show you the Lakeland Chemical Specialties, Inc. difference.

We serve numerous commercial markets including: Assisted Living Facilities , Bank Buildings, County and Local Government, Commercial Office buildings, Food Stores, School Districts, Colleges

We also serve numerous industrial markets including: Food Production, Feed Mills, Food and Sausage Making, Metal Casting, Pre-Stressed Concrete, Ready-mix Concrete and others.

A Heritage

Lakeland Chemical Specialties, Inc. was founded in 1991 to provide personalized water management services to the commercial, institutional, and industrial markets. Our headquarters are in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, just northeast of Milwaukee. With a staff of three field representatives and two office support staff, we cover Southern Wisconsin and travel into Northern Illinois. We currently serve more than 350 customers in approximately 500 locations.

We serve numerous commercial markets including:

Assisted Living Facilities

Food Stores

Bank Buildings

School Districts

Colleges and Universities

Insurance Companies

Commercial Office Buildings

Medical Clinics

County and Local Government

We also serve numerous industrial markets, Including:

Chemical Production

Metal Casting

Feed Milling

Plastic Injection

Food Processing

Prestressed Concrete

Gear Production

Soybean Processing

Sausage Making

Automotive parts mfgr.

Meat Packing

Ready-mix Concrete

OUR COMPANY GOAL: To provide the best value available in water management.

The value of our programs come from providing the best service, clean and corrosion controlled heat exchange surfaces, and high quality treatment chemicals all at a reasonable price. We believe that water management concerns should first, if at all possible, be resolved by mechanical means, then by proper chemical application applied by carefully trained personnel.

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