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Closed Loop Products

Scale / Corrosion Inhibition

Lakeland Chemical Specialties offers a number of liquid chemical blends to protect your system from scale and corrosion. Our CL line of treatments include a variety of nitrite, molybdate and phosphate based products, as well as organic based blends to accommodate every closed loop situation. These blends have been proven themselves over many years and continue to incorporate the latest advances in chemical technology.

Biocides / Bio Dispersants

Lakeland Chemical Specialties offers specific biocides and bio-dispersants developed for use in closed loop systems. These biocides are dedicated to attacking bacteria and breaking down bio-film slime. Using these biocides will result in a system free from biological matter and will ensure proper heat transfer efficiency.

Glycols and Alternatives

In addition to ethylene and propylene glycol for freeze protection, Lakeland Chemical Specialties has developed products using alternative materials to guard against freezing. These materials provide the same freeze protection and heat transfer properties, but are bio-degradable and bio-renewable and are safer to use, less toxic to humans and are a Green alternative to standard glycol products.

Start-Up / Cleaning


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