Steam System Products

Scale and Corrosion Control

Lakeland Chemical Specialties has a wide array of liquid and chemical blends that can be applied in any steam boiler situation. Separate scale inhibitors and oxygen scavengers are the preferred method for chemical control of a steam system, but we also have available, "One-Drum" Solutions. All of our chemicals can be certified to USDA and NSF requirements. LCSI can also custom blend chemicals for your exact needs.


LCSI carries both online and offline descale treatments. In addition to metal-safe polymer and chelant based online treatments, LCSI has a unique offline product. As an alternative to acid cleaning, we carry a product line that will remove scale in the same manner as acid, but it will not attack the metal in the system.

Steamline / Condensate Treatments

Lakeland Chemical Specialties has individual treatments such as DEAE , Cyclohexylamine, and Morpholine, as well as specific proprietary blends of these chemicals. The steamline treatments can be used in any system and with any other boiler treatment and can also be included in a "One-Drum" solution.


In addition to the mainstream boiler treatments, LCSI has several accessory treatments including Pre-Clean and Layup chemicals as well as antifoam and dispersants.

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