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Tower System Products

LCSI takes a complete solution approach to managing any cooling tower system. Our advanced products are only a part of the solution. Our combined services, expertise, and equipment allow us to adapt a water management solution to your individual needs and budget. Trust the experts at Lakeland Chemical Specialties to effectively manage your systems and provide consistent results and excellent performance.

Prevent Active Legionella (PAL)

The PAL program is a proactive solution designed by to help prevent the growth of Legionella and provide consistent documentation and monitoring. Read more about this new, cutting edge product here: Lakeland Chemical Specialties, Inc. PAL

Alkaline Based Treatment

An innovation in the water treatment industry, these advanced polymers allow Lakeland Chemical Specialties to operate Cooling Towers at a much higher pH and increased cycles. Our advanced CWT series can handle stressed tower systems and is capable of running higher cycles than many of our competitors.

Acid Based Treatment

Used in towers extremely prone to scaling, Lakelandís acid treatments incorporate the pH control of acid with many of the advanced polymers and materials for scale and corrosion control.

Dispersants / Cleaners

Lakeland Chemicalís Dispersants are designed to break apart all forms of scale and sludge much faster than a normal cooling water treatment. These advanced polymers will attack all forms of scale causing salts, not just calcium.


The bio-dispersants can be used to clean an overgrown system or as part of a regular treatment program to address a bacteria and bio-film problem.


We have a wide array of biocides available for controlling various types of biological matter. These biocides are so diverse that we can not only choose a biocide for your particular situation, but also choose one that will always stay within your budget.


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